The Future Ring that lets you Control Everything

The Future Ring that lets you Control Everything

A Japanese startup company, Logbar. Inc will start shipping the product called ‘Ring ZERO‘ on April 30th with a two color option, white and black. The Ring ZERO is the second generation of the previous model ‘Ring’, which can control basically every smart device with gestures over the air, it is a ring style wearable device.

Ring – Shortcut Everything (2014) from Logbar on Vimeo.

All you need to do is decide on which specific gesture to use so that the Ring can trigger an action of the device, and the Ring would remember it and lets you control the device with the specific gesture. According the Kickstarter description of the product, the Ring connects with smart devices by bluetooth, using ‘Ring Hub’, you can even connect with your home’s electrical appliances that aren’t “smart”. In its demo movies, with gestures of the index finger, you can turn on and off some appliances such as TV’s and lights, playing music, then skip to next song, exchanging contacts between the ring’s users, and it even shows that writing a gesture of “$12” in the air allows the person to pay $12 for his/her lunch. If this ring is any indication of the future, then that future is looking bright due to the ring being utilized as a smart device.

The Ring ZERO improves greatly and becomes smarter than the previous model. To be specific, they improved 300% of the gesture recognition accuracy, 10 times faster recognition speed over the first generation. It’s a super huge increase, however we can say that the first product wasn’t as functional as the ZERO. The Ring seems to become a decent product that actually works with its second generation. Also, the Ring ZERO will last four days with regular usage, and it charges completely in two hours.

I guess what we all wonder about the Ring is “What can it actually do?”, since the website doesn’t explain the features of the device enough. According to TechCrunch Japan, they asked Takuro Yoshida, who is the CEO of Logbar about the question. He says, as we saw in demo, it’s capable of controlling TV’s, lights, playing music, exchanging contacts, in addition, you can take pictures from an iPhone, as well as sending pictures and current location over Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.

He also explains the reason why there’s isn’t any detailed function description about the product on its website,

Rather telling you “We can do them now!”, we’d like you to feel the brand new world that the Ring brings to your life. If we see this ring as just a gadget, we tend to only focus on its features, but what we want to do is make our lifestyle more simpler. When it comes to be a gesture recognition device, we imagine Microsoft’s Kinect, which is absolutely only based on ‘features’. We just want to suggest to the people all over the world about the idea of ‘One Gesture’ which makes our life very simple.” he says.

I’m not sure if we can still call this ring the “Magic Ring”, but this could definitely be the future. The Ring ZERO will start shipping with three available size options, S (US size 8-9), M (US size 10-11), L (US size 12-13), starting at $149 price tag, which is much cheaper compared to the previous model which had a price tag of$269. It isn’t too expensive for what they offer, it became definitely affordable to us. Unfortunately, they have a limited quantity so pre-order one as fast as possible if you wish to enjoy all of the benefits that the ring has to offer.     

Ring – One Gesture is All You Need from Logbar on Vimeo.

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