Best Free Apps for Mac
There are more than thousands of apps available on the Mac App Store, but the most essential apps are usually not there. So I’d like to introduce you ...
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macbook magsafe adaptor
Just like your iPhone and Macbook needs its case to protect their beautiful body from scratches and dirt, so does your Macbook’s Magsafe adaptor. There is a cool ...
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Hub+ Allows You To Solve All the USB Hub Problems with your Macbook
Are you thinking to buy the brand new Macbook or already got one? I assume lacking of USB hubs must be very frustrating for you then, since the ...
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I’d like to ask Tim why he made that beautiful shiny gold Macbook as powerful as the laptop which was released almost 4 years ago. Apple brought a ...
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Apple revealed the new Macbook with shiny gold colour at the special event on 9, February. On the surface, it is thinner and lighter than the old Macbook ...
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Apple Tech
Next gen iPhone 6S/7 will likely have ForceTouch feature according to the news from Mashable. Force Touch, Apple’s new pressure-sensing technology coming to the Apple Watch and its 2-pound, ...
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Apple is challenging laptop users to adapt to fewer ports with the bold design of its new 12-inch MacBook, which has just one USB-C port using the USB ...
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Apple announced its new Macbook Air series as ‘Macbook’ at Apple’s special event on Monday. The new Macbook comes with 12 inch display, highlights include a 13.1mm thick chassis, 2-pound ...
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During its Spring Forward event in San Francisco today, Apple officially took the wraps off the ultra-thin 12″ MacBook we exclusively profiled in January. With an all-new 2304×1440 resolution ...
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