“REFUGEES ARE SCUM” What’s Behind This Shocking Message?

“REFUGEES ARE SCUM” What’s Behind This Shocking Message?

Shocking Message

There was a social experiment on a street in Sydney, Australia. A man standing there carrying a sign that says “REFUGEES ARE SCUM”. This is a very shocking message.

What’s behind this message and what’s his purpose?

He was trying to hand over the paper to passerby. Sydneysiders yell at the man “You’re a fucking disgrace” and “I think you are scum.”

Obviously, many Aussie people are disgusted by his non-humanitarian action.

A man with the blue shirt seems to be bothered by his action, we thought he’d pass by..

But he suddenly turns back to him without saying a word and…

He rips the sign off the demonstrator, people gives him cheers.

This is a matter of course that many people get disgusted by the action, curse or take that sign away from him.

However, the real social experiment begins from here, and the mood changes dramatically when the man changed his placard saying “HELP REFUGEES”. What would happen next?

Nobody tries to walks by him now, and most people simply ignore his existence.

This social experiment was set by Australian international aid Act for Peace if public really cares about refugees enough to act.

The video made me think about what I do in life. Because, honestly I may be just one of people who passes through him doing nothing just like other people in this video if I were there. It shows how much we actually care about refugees, and it’s not very enough to act. The same thing goes for many things. This is not how our society should be, we are one family. So we should pay more attention to things that’s happening all over the world.

Lastly, Executive Director of Act for Peace, Alistair Gee speaks “We understand that some Australians may be offended or shocked by this footage. We are more offended however, that the world’s most vulnerable people are not adequately supported”.

Here’s the video:

What did you feel watching this social experiment? Let me know in comment.

Source: YouTube

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