Noisli helps you improve your focus and productivity with background sounds

Noisli helps you improve your focus and productivity with background sounds

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In the world today, there are so many things that distract you from being productive and working efficiently.

We are surrounded by so many things that take our attention, like your smartphone, your TV, your family and etc. Even you are focused and working with your laptop, there are still many things on the internet that would distract you from focusing, like videos, websites, ads and a lot more which has nothing to do with what you are working, you know.

Aren’t you familiar with something like realizing that you’ve already spent an hour on other website doing nothing when you actually had to compete your work? It usually happens to me, ugh! I feel stupid wasting my precious time when I realize that like only 2/5 tasks were done when I was supposed to complete them all during the day. That’s kind of depressing to face the fact, even it’s totally my fault.

I had a hard time for focusing since there were many things to distract me from working efficiently. But a few days ago, things have changed dramatically.

What happened?

Well, I found my love. She keeps me stay focused and relaxed at the same time, and I literally fell in love. I even wanted to keep her in my iPhone, so I bought her on the App Store because it’s surprisingly become really necessary in a short time, especially when I want to focus. And now I’m gonna stop calling “her” because I don’t want you to think I’m a creep.

Noisli is a beautiful website that provides you various background sounds to help you stay focused and boost your productivity.

You can mix different sounds and create your perfect sound environment tailored to your personal need and taste. I personally love the sound of Summer Night.

Thanks to its very simple navigation, I bet you wouldn’t take time to get used to it. I can say Noisli is a perfect definition of the quote “Simple is beautiful”. Simple and beautiful UI with relaxing sounds, there is no unnecessary features or things.

It also lets you make favorite for your combinations so you can replay them whenever you want. In addition, they also got Timer and Text Editor which are very convenient.

As you may have thought, yes I wrote this article on Noisli. Amazingly, I really enjoyed writing and could concentrate very well due to its minimal beautiful design of the Text Editor with my favorite background sound. There is nothing that would distract you. I usually write on WordPress’s default Text Editor, it is useful, but I never enjoyed writing there as much as I did here. It’s probably the power of design and sound. I was so relaxed and it was a pleasant feeling!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 00.15.12

The Text Editor function allows you to pleasantly write in a minimal and distraction free environment, helping you to focus more on what you are writing and boost your efficiency. Your text will be saved locally within your browser or you can simply export it as a file or to your DropBox or Google Drive account.

The Text Editor also supports the Markdown syntax, a very easy and simple way to add formatting to your plain text like bold, italic, headers or bulleted listsMarkdown is very handy for bloggers, to write emails, novels, but it’s also a great way to organize notes, to-do lists and many other things, resulting in a nice and minimalist writing system that you can write with and then export elsewhere without worrying too much about appearance and file format.”

And lastly they also have apps for iOS and Chrome extension, the app for iOS is paid but it’s definitely worth it if you want to use Noisli on your iPhone as well. I bought the app today, so I can use it for my beautiful sleep. Here is a little gift for you, my favorite combination. Please enjoy!


For now, the iOS app doesn’t still support account login system so you cannot have the combinations you made on browser, unless you make them manually. But I assume, they are going to support account system for the app as well in the near future.

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