No more broken Lightning cables with this Saver

No more broken Lightning cables with this Saver

No more broken Lightning Cables with this saver.

How many Lightning cables have you purchased so far for your iPhone or iPad? I can’t remember how many Lightning cables I have had to buy, I surely spent more than $100 for years for these cables to keep my iPhone alive. I basically had to buy a new Lightning cable every 2-3 months, when they were breaking very fast. I even had to get a new one after only one month. Apple’s Lightning cable has a very poor durability. So I think we are all familiar with the Lightning cable conditions below.


You know the death of your cable is approaching when it becomes like this in the middle of the picture above and you will soon have to replace it. Clearly, a Lightning cable isn’t worth of $19 price tag with its poor durability, so once you buy it, you want to make sure it has a maximum life. I bet we all have tried several online methods but neither of them are stylish nor effective enough.


A Taiwanese startup company, LimitStyle provided us with a solution to the problem with their ‘Lightning Saver’. With only $5, you won’t have to waste another $19 for a very long time. It can prevent your Lightning cable from breaking, and its durability becomes extreamly strong. What it basically does is it absorbs impacts from the inside and it enhances protection from the outside, also very stylish.

The industrial rubber inner layer absorbs impacts and prevents harmful twists and bends. The hard outer layer stands against damage and securely keeps the unit in position. With all that it has to offer, this Lightning Saver is your strongest choice for your worn Lightning cables, or to keep your new cables from getting frayed.

Also there is ‘Magsafe Saver’, Magsafe isn’t as affordable as the Lightning cable, so it’s better having one. The amazing thing about these Savers is that they are very cheap. It’s $5 for two Lightning Saver, and only $30 for 10x Lightning Saver and 10x Magsafe Saver. You won’t have to buy a new cable for the next few years, this is apparently a good deal.

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