Meezy Cube Lets You Protect Your Macbook Magsafe Adaptor

Meezy Cube Lets You Protect Your Macbook Magsafe Adaptor

macbook magsafe adaptor

Just like your iPhone and Macbook needs its case to protect their beautiful body from scratches and dirt, so does your Macbook’s Magsafe adaptor. There is a cool Kickstarter product that deserves your attention, called Meezy Cube, is a case that was designed to protect your Macbook battery charger from scratches, dirt, cord fraying, spills, and over-heating. But why would you protect a damn MagSafe adaptor? That’s a good question.

Wait a moment and think about how much you wasted for Apple’s lightning cables because it gets broken very fast? I swear I have spent so far as much as I could buy another iPod Touch for myself in the past 3 years. There are many broken lightning cables in my house. Obviously, the company doesn’t care about durability when it comes to accessories of their own products. So people would have to buy the same thing over and over, and Apple makes enough money from its accessories.

I know a friend who is a Mac guy just like me, he recently bought a new Magsafe adaptor which costs $80. It is very expensive while lightning cable only costs $20, and it was the third time for him to replace one. Yeah, he wasted $240 for only Magsafe adaptor, but you can easily avoid that by getting a Meezy Cube which only costs 1/8 of the product (only $9), this could literally save your Mac life.

I recently got a chance to test its prototype case made by 3D print,  thanks to Bulwark Products. I’ve been using it for almost a week now and I can tell you it is a very good product which looks cool and protects the charger very well from cord fraying. It seems that I don’t have to worry about buying another Magesafe adaptor for the next few years.

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The product is very affordable with the price tag of $9, and does its job well to protect your Magsafe adaptor from scratches, dirt, cord fraying, spills, and over-heating. But being honest it’s not only good sides, I find it kinda troublesome to detach its case from the charger each time I want to charge my Macbook, you cannot charge with the case on without using an extension cord for your Magsafe. Most people don’t have an extension cord like me, so that’s the only downside I found using its product. However, this is a still prototype product, and its design can be changed anytime.

You can support this project by backing up on Kickstarter.

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