How to Change your Mac’s Computer Name in 30 Seconds

How to Change your Mac’s Computer Name in 30 Seconds

How to Change your Mac's Computer Name

While working on the recent article for Pasteasy, I found out that my Macbook Pro Retina’s name was weird so I wanted it to have a proper name for the device instead of “Reona-Mac”. You are probably bothered by your default computer name as well. Don’t worry, changing your Mac’s computer name is very easy and quick, is also important because your apps/software would display it and that’s how other people will find you on a network. Whether you already knew how to do it, this will be a reminder for you. Anyways, let me start that.

How to change your Mac’s computer name in 30 seconds

1. Click the  icon from menu bar, and then ‘Systems’ Preferences right under ‘About This Mac’

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 01.40.47


2. Once on Systems Preferences, go to ‘Sharing’

Screen_Shot_2015-06-04_at_01_41_013. In the ‘Computer Name’, type in the name you to use for your Mac.



4. Close Systems Preferences. It’s done!

Congratulations, your name has changed. It’s very easy and quick, I doubt you may take even 30 seconds once you learned how to.

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