Google Now Offers You Unlimited Storage For Free And It May Kill Apple’s iCloud

Google Now Offers You Unlimited Storage For Free And It May Kill Apple’s iCloud

Google PhotosAnil Sabharwal, director of Google Photos, speaks during the Google I/O 2015 keynote presentation in San Francisco, Thursday, May 28, 2015. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Do you know how does 1TB (terabyte) of photo storage cost? Apple’s famous iCloud is $240 a year, Dropbox for $100, Microsoft’s OneDrive, $84.

And Google? It is totally free and available for Android, iOS and Browser.

Google has announced its new online storage service Google Photos, offering unlimited free storage for photos and videos, the only downside is that it’s limited under 16 megapixel for pictures, and under 1080p for videos.

Google claims that it compresses pictures and videos if they are larger than the limits but surpassingly it doesn’t decrease quality of them. With auto sync by its app, you can forget worrying about saving pictures and videos, taking up the big mount of storage on your iPhone or Android phone. Also, you no longer have to pay to store them.

Why Google offer us unlimited online storage for free?

Virtually, Google is trying to throw its money around, because they know it’s going to be a huge goldmine. Google is successfully making enough profits from ads, so they can invest for the online storage service in the long run. Google is exactly aware of photos are a goldmine. They contain an immense amount of information about the people who took them that could be used to target ads and personalize experiences.

Google has its advanced computer vision, machine learning, AI and other technologies will help it determine what people, places, and things are in photos, and match these data to your identity. Pictures of you with your favorite headphone and car could tell what to show you in ads. Google has been developing its advanced technology to increase prediction accuracy of what you are looking for by landmarks and things in your pictures. Also, selfies with friends could help Google determine who to recommend you for sharing. Photos have so much hints about you, and Google knows how much important it, to make more profit in the long run.

The Google Photos app isn’t only for storing your photos, it even lets you edit and curate photos. You can easily balance out overexposure, turn burst shots into GIFs, and make little movies from your adventures by using its short by using its “Assistant” feature. While pure file storage service may have become a usual thing that anyone can provide, the search giant is different from other companies. I used Google Photos on my iPhone, it works as charm. Backing up my whole photos took only a few minutes. I’m not using any paid online storage service, but I think I will no longer need them when Google Photos can do everything I need.   Paying expense for an online storage service sounds stupid to me now, when there is an unlimited storage service for free. Thanks to Google for the awesome service.

Information is a goldmine. By tempting us with its free unlimited storage, Google will have access to an immense amount of information from our medias and your information is used for educating its machine and AI to improve its predication accuracy to make ads and products better. Since many people don’t want to move our massive archive of memories. Google Photos could bind us tighter to its family of apps and services. Some may worrying about Google holding so much information of you, but you are already doing it for years by let it host our emails and it hasn’t yet turned out so badly.

The Google Photo app is one of the best solution you could ever have if you want to store photos online, and save your local storage. You can download the app here, iOS, Android, and browser.

Google offers you unlimited storage for free – Google Photos

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