Change Your Life Dramatically By “Two Ultimate Options” Strategy

Change Your Life Dramatically By “Two Ultimate Options” Strategy

Change Your Life Dramatically

Some people say “Take a risk, you gotta believe in yourself!“. But hey it’s easy to be said than done. Sometimes we really don’t know what the hell we should do in life. 

You will change your life dramatically using this two ultimate option starategy. According to the article by Shane-Parrish, which is written about one of researches from Dr. Carol Dweck who’s known for familiar with developmental psychology, personality psychology and social psychology. In its research, he studied about things such as motivation, mindset process to success, and etc.

Speaking its conclusion, we have two ultimate options in any given moment, whenever we make a decision. Our life is simply  made up of decisions we have made so far. You will always face at least two options in life whenever you make a decision in life, and you have to pick one option to move forward. Clear your mind now, and be honest. Check yourself whether you are having a right mindset to grow and succeed below.

1. Would you accept a challenge in front of you? 

A: Yes, of course. / B: No way, I don’t like taking on the risk.

2. You are hitting the wall and stuck.


A: I will find a way. / B: I give up.

3. Effort is..

A: nessesary. B: a waste.

4. Someone criticizes you.

The Argument

A: I will accept and try to learn from that. / B: I ignore that.

5: When your friend has succeed.

Group of happy business people clapping their hands

A: I’m happy for him. / B: I’m jealous of his success.

6. You are working now..

Two men sawing

A: I’m trying to enjoying that. / B: It’s so boring I want to go home asap.

7. You failed again.

A: I would continue and find a way. / B: I give up.

8. You earned a large amount of income this month, but not sure next month.

A: I will invest them for my future. / B: I will save them incase.

9. Someone told you that it’s impossible.

A: I’ll prove them wrong! / B: Maybe that’s true.

10. Which would you prefer in life: safety or change? 

A: Change because I know it’s worth it. / B: Safety because it’s secured.


Obviously, if your answers were mostly A, then you are the person with a successful mindset. If you keep making decisions based on A (positive action), no matter what happens, you will always find hope and move forward in life. On the other hand, if you have a lot of answers based on B, you are kind of person who stops growing, your motivation is so low and can be easily get disturbed by the negative people and things. It’s hard to be successful as long as you have such a mindset.

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You create your own life perfectly with your perceptions and actions. Your perceptions decide action, how you would behave and make decisions. You can know what you are believing by seeing how you are reacting to things, you clearly know whether it’s positive or not for you. If you want success, try to make a positive action whenever you make a decision. If you really do, trust me your life would change dramatically in a better way. You must believe in yourself, and be willing to take a risk.

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety. − Abraham Maslow

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