Beats Studio Wireless Review: Best wireless headphone ever

Beats Studio Wireless Review: Best wireless headphone ever

Beats Studio Wireless Review: Pros and Cons


  • Very comfortable over-the-ear headphone.

  • Long battery life

  • Active noise cancelling and built in microphone


  • Very expensive

  • Need powers to use wired

Probably, Beats is the most famous headphone manufacture in the world due to its successful advertising with celebrities. Some of my friends had Beats headphones, so I knew about it but never had any of them. I still clearly remember the day when I used his Beats headphone for the first time, it was very overwhelming and didn’t take much to change my perspective, I didn’t care about sound quality at all before. I always had like $10-30 range earphones/headphones because I used to think sound quality doesn’t change that much due to the difference of price by trying some expensive earphones at audio shops ages ago. I couldn’t feel big difference from my cheap earphones, so I was thinking it was stupid to pay additional $100 for things like earphones and headphones until I got to use Beats for the first time.

You know I was overwhalmed by its sound quality, it sounded like kinda different song due to its heavy bass sounds. I literally fell in love with the Beats headphone at that moment. The amazing thing about the Beats isn’t only the bass sound, but its design. For me, Beats headphone looks stunning more than any headphones. So I decided to buy a Beats headphone for myself. There are currently 6 kinds of headphones in its lineup, Beats  Solo 2 and Wireless, Beats Mixr, Beats Studio and Wireless, and lastly Beats Pro. After trying all of them at Apple store and considered for a few days, eventually I chose ‘Beats Studio Wireless’ which is second most expensive headphone in their lineups. So why the Studio Wireless? There were 2 reasons why I chose it. Firstly, I wanted it to be wireless, because I usually sleep with earphones on, it was always frustrating having tangling cables. Secondly, I wanted to take full control on the headphone itself instead of ‘RemoteTalk’ cable. At first, I thought of buying Solo 2 wireless since it’s cheaper but realized it’s not possible to control with the ‘B’ button on its headphone. Only Beats studio is capable of doing that. These were main reasons, also Beats Studio wireless is over-the-ear headphone with less sound leak compared to other Beats on-ear headphones.

Beats Studio Wireless costs $379 while Studio (non wireless version) is $299. For additional $80, you can get the wireless version. Obviously, $379 is very expensive for a headphone, but I don’t regret buying that since my life became much easy and efficient. I love how I can go anywhere in my house without taking my iPhone or laptop, but listening to my favourite songs all the time, literally everywhere. I love wireless, it is very comfortable and stress-free, it could be your life changer. You will probably never want to go back to wired headphones again unless there’re some reason. According to the Beats, the range of wireless is about 30 foot long, however in my experience it still works great even out of its range.

Audio Perfomance

Now, you may be skeptical about the sound quality over wireless. Let me clear your doubts, there’s basically no noticeable difference between wireless and wired. Even if there are some differences, it’s very hard to find and feel, that’s how good this headphone is. Most of wireless headphones usually have noticeable difference between wireless and wired but the Studio Wireless isn’t one of them. If you didn’t like the sound over wireless, simply use 3.5mm cable that comes with. It is hard to explain, but Studio’s audio quality are more balanced compared to the original Studio, which had very heavy bass. While the Studio Wireless has amazing bass loudness, also very balanced at the same time. I’m sure it won’t disappoint if you love dubstep, rock, pop and R&B. Especially, in dubstep and pop, the Studio is awesome. It also comes with active noise cancelling, say goodbye to annoying noises outside.

Battery Life

Beats indicates 12 hours of wireless listening and 20 hours for wired. It’s a very good battery life, however there’s one thing I don’t like about this headphone. I bought thinking I could still use the headphone with wired,  even battery dies like the original model. No it wasn’t, you can’t. You need powers in order to listen, wired or wireless. I don’t like this limitation. Except this, the Studio Wireless is an awesome headphone.

So is the Studio Wireless worth buying?

If you are thinking about getting one, consider which headphone is the best for you depends on your budget and use. However, if you care about audio quality more than anything, Beats Studio Wireless may not be the option since there are better headphones around same price range. Sony and Bose headphones could be your choice, Sony MDR-10RBT and Bose AE2w, cheaper, yet they have better sound quality. But, I can tell I’m pretty satisfied with my Studio Wireless, it was worth it since I also love its design a lot, no regret. Beats Studio Wireless coming with 7 colours from $379 on Beats website, but for now you can get it starting at $340 on Amazon.


Beats Studio Wireless Review: Best wireless headphone ever

Beats Studio Wireless Review: Pros and Cons [Pros] Very comfortable over-the-ear headphone. Long battery life Active noise cancelling and built in microphone

Rock out to your favorite songs with these Beats Beats Studio Wireless headphones that feature a Beats Acoustic Engine and DSP software for enhanced clarity. ANC (Adaptive Noise Cancellation) allows you to focus on your tunes.
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