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I thought why not sharing with my readers when I've found this article and read it. A popular American blogger, James Michael Sama who tells 7 reasons the ...
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iPhone 6S features
There have been a lot of speculations and rumours going around about the new iPhone so called ‘iPhone 6S’ and ‘iPhone 6S Plus’. You thinking about getting the ...
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iPhone 6S Photos
Do you wonder how the next generation iPhone so-called ‘iPhone 6S‘ looks like? We have a good news for you. A few days ago, 9to5mac (famous Apple blog) ...
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mindsets of the rich
Forbes says that the 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans combined. According to the data revealed over the last couple decades, the ...
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tech related jobs
I wish I knew those jobs earlier! A digital marketing IT company Mondo revealed 13 tech related jobs that pays more than $130,000 in the United States. There’s no ...
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noisli background sounds
In the world today, there are so many things that distract you from being productive and working efficiently. We are surrounded by so many things that take our ...
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apple spaceship
Seems like Apple’s most costly and biggest project in its whole history is going well. The company is currently building its new headquarters called ‘Spaceship’ in Cupertino, California. It’s ...
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A report from DigiTimes indicates that Apple is currently working on a technology that makes possible to integrating the physical Home Button (Touch ID) into the display. But ...
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Best Free Apps for Mac
There are more than thousands of apps available on the Mac App Store, but the most essential apps are usually not there. So I’d like to introduce you ...
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macbook magsafe adaptor
Just like your iPhone and Macbook needs its case to protect their beautiful body from scratches and dirt, so does your Macbook’s Magsafe adaptor. There is a cool ...
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