13 Tech Related Jobs with more than $130,000 Pay in the United States

13 Tech Related Jobs with more than $130,000 Pay in the United States

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I wish I knew those jobs earlier! A digital marketing IT company Mondo revealed 13 tech related jobs that pays more than $130,000 in the United States.

There’s no doubt that technology related jobs, whether developing software or managing a network, are in high demand and pay well. However most salary list of tech jobs are based on average salary since there are wide range differences in wages depends on area and states. Wages tend to be higher in cities like New York, Boston and San Francisco while Florida and Dallas tends to very low.

So what are the best tech related jobs? Here are the top 13 jobs you definitely should check out.

1. IS Security Manager: Up to $169,000

Salary range: $130,000-$169,000

  • An information systems security manager is responsible for making sure that networks, servers and apps are safe from hackers. This may be the top security position in a smaller company or, in a larger one, this person may report to a Chief Security Officer.

2. BI Developer: Up to $171,000

Salary range: $130,000-$171,000

  • A “business intelligence” developer is a computer programmer that specializes in writing database apps that help business analyze data. This field has exploded with the big data craze. There are now a lot of methods to cheaply collect and store vast amounts of data. But that does no good unless there are “business intelligence” apps that use all that data.

3. UI/UX Designer: Up to $172,000

Salary range: $110,000-$172,000

  • A “user interface” or “user experience” designer is the person that designs how people use a product. Is it easy to figure out? Can people find all the features? This designer is also often responsible for the aesthetic look of an app or product.

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4. Android Developer: Up to $173,000

Salary range: $131,000-$173,000

  • An Android developer writes mobile apps for Android devices. Nearly all companies, from your health club to Fortune 500 companies, are writing their own mobile apps.

Markert for apps are growing rapidly every year, and there are many people who makes a million dollar with a single app. And learning programming will be a big advantage for you in life, because you will never struggle to find a job. The demand for programmers will be more high since our society is being IoT age every year (Internet of Things) Learn programming to make Android apps, you will not regret that you made the decision today in 1 year.

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  • Git: learn how to use Git for version control and collaboration
  • Google APIs: Google tools such as Maps provide functionality for powerful apps

5. VP, Infrastructure: Up to $173,000

Salary range: $134,000-$173,000

  • A vice president of infrastructure runs the team of people that handle a company’s computer hardware: servers, network, storage, and other data center tech.

6. iOS developer: Up to $174,000

Salary range: $133,000-$174,000

  • An iOS developer writes mobile apps for Apple devices, the iPhone and iPad. Every company in the world these days is looking to reach iPhone and iPad users.

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  • Use Git for version control & collaboration
  • Understand CloudKit: a revolutionary new tool from Apple that allows iOS developers to create database in the cloud right from the iOS client app
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7. Application Architect: Up to $175,000

Salary range: $131,00 -$175,000

  • An application architect is someone who engineers large, complex software programs with lots of moving parts.

8. Scala Developer: Up to $177,000

Salary range: $115,000- $177,000

  • A computer programmer that is an expert with the language Scala is a hot commodity these days. Scala is a web development language that is an alternative to the popular (but old) language Java.

9. Director, PMO: Up to $177,000

Salary range: $123,000-$177,000

  • A director of project management or a director of program management is the person in charge of a particular tech project or an ongoing program. This may involve managing an interdisciplinary team of engineers, marketeers, business people.

10. VP, Engineering: Up to $177,000

Salary range: $136,000 -$177,000

  • This person would run the teams of software or hardware engineers that develop products. Often a title used at tech companies, but many enterprises develop custom IT projects and this person could also be leading those efforts.

11. VP, Information Technology: Up to $178,000

Salary range: $137,000 – $178,000

  • This person is the boss of the internal tech team and may report to a Chief Information Officer, or maybe the top IT exec at the company.

12. Chief Data Officer: Up to $200,000

Salary range: $143,000 – $200,000

  • Collecting, storing and analyzing loads of data is the rage these days in companies big and small. This person would lead a team of data scientists that could span across IT, marketing, and business functions.

13. Chief Security Officer: Up to $214,000

Salary range: $146,000 – $214,000

  • This person is responsible for protecting a company from hackers, which can include buying and installing computer security products, ensuring corporate apps don’t have holes, doing forensics if a problem does occur, and so on. They’re paid well because millions of dollars can be at stake.

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Source: Mondo & Business Insider


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